Becoming a leading study programme in the Electronics Engineering field based on Tri Hita Karana Philosophy in Indonesia by 2025


  1. To conduct dignified teaching and education in the Electronics Engineering field to produce competitive, collaborative, and characterized human resources.
  2. To conduct competitive, collaborative, and innovative research in the Electronics Engineering field to develop and apply sciences and technology.
  3. To conduct community service in the Electronic Engineering field that is competitive, collaborative, accommodative, and innovative to improve people's welfare.


  1. To produce quality graduates, believe and be pious, professionals and have integrity, values ​​and attitudes, knowledge, intelligence, skills, and abilities as Electronic Technicians and Entrepreneurs in the electrical and electronic equipment.
  2. To produce academic studies in informatics that are environmentally friendly based on local potential.
  3. To produce electronic Technicians and Entrepreneurs in electrical and electronic equipment for society’s advancement and welfare.
  4. To create good cooperation and partnerships with government agencies, the business world, or other institutions to improve graduates' quality.

Graduate Profile

  1. Technician/Analyst
    Technicians can master theoretical concepts and applications of electricity concerning components: electricity and electronics.
  2. Entrepreneur in electrical and electronic equipment
    Entrepreneurs who can build business partnerships related to the electrical and electronics business sector following business ethics.

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